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The Most Enjoyable And Relaxing Caribbean Beach Bars

Article repost from Fresh Travelling

Yo, ho ho and a bottle of rum. Better words have never been sung. No, really! Who doesn’t love a good beach bar and a bottle of rum, or maybe a few shots of rum in a delectable tropical cocktail? Here are the 12 best beach bars from Jamaica to Aruba, that are sure to satisfy your need for sand between the toes and something cool to whet your whistle.


1. Dune Preserve, Anguilla

Low tech feeling but an upscale type of crowd, this dune deck will keep you bouncing to the rhythms of the Caribbean all night.

Dune Preserve Beach

Photo: Courtesy of BeachBarBums

Owned by reggae musician Bankie Banx, you and I might even get a private showing if he or one of his musician friends happens to drop in. Ask around locally to find out best days for a crowd, or for a chilled out evening with friends.

The next beach bar on the list is know to be THE place to taste the most scenic cocktail of your life. Check it out.

2. Juanillo (or Little John) Beach Food & Drinks, Dominican Republic

This super relaxed spot is just the place to taste the most scenic cocktail of your life!  Located on a beach that will leave you breathless, it’s a chilled out place, with good taste.

Juanillo Beach Bar

The bar is located in the resort Cap Cana and is considered to have a very “Bohemian” yet upper crust type of vibe.

The view of the next bar on the list will leave you nothing but speechless.

3. Ricks Cafe, Jamaica

This place will cool you off with a striking cliffside view. Despite being hit by several hurricanes and being rebuilt several times, Ricks is a Jamaican landmark where many people go to enjoy spectacular sunsets and cool drinks.

Rick's Cafe Jamaica

Photo: Courtesy of RicksCafeJamaica

If the drinks aren’t cool enough you can always cool off in the water while exploring the natural coves located around the underside of the cliff.

Hot tip: plan to go during the week to avoid big weekend crowds. But wait, there are still 9 more super chilling beach bars to check out.

4. Basil’s, St. Vincent

If some of the previous bars have been just a little bit upscale, this next one is the great leveler. Featuring drinks and styles for every budget Basil’s is famous for an in-the-moment feel where all are welcome.

Basil's Beach Bar

Photo: Courtesy maio.net

From celebrities to gardeners Basil’s has an eclectic following which has made headlines more than once.  Be sure to drop in the morning after for their famous banana pancakes.

5. FrangipaniBeach Bar, Bequia, Grenadines

Another great spot for budget travelers, this chill beach bar has been listed as one of the top 100 bars in the world.

Frangipani Beach Bar

Even better if you happen to enjoy Indian food, because this fun spot features West Indian cuisine made with fresh local ingredients.  Be sure to enjoy a Mango Passion on one of the super comfortable love-seats facing the ocean

6. Sandcastle’s Soggy Dollar Bar, White Bay Jost Van Dyke BVI

It’s impossible to write about the 11 best Caribbean beach bars without touching on the Soggy Dollar.  An iconic bar just in its totally casual atmosphere, the Soggy Dollar is an unassuming hut with a few chairs, a unique ring game, and a beautiful beach.

Sandcastle Soggy Dollar Bar

And of course, there is no dock so you will have to swim a bit in order to quench your thirst! Be sure to ask for the Original Painkiller, a rum cocktail which has been famous and often imitated since its inception back in the 70’s.

7. Sunshine’s, Nevis

Equally as iconic as the Soggy Dollar, Sunshines is another classic beach bar that has been untouched by modernization.  Here you can dig your toes into the sand at one of the many picnic tables as you sip on their signature drink “Killer Bee.”

Sunshine's Beach BarPhoto: Courtesy of BeachBarBums

The authentic feel of this old style Caribbean beach bar doesn’t stop with the license plates and flags covering the walls either.  Fisherman are known to cruise right up with the day’s catch.  If you keep an eye out, you might even see a couple celebrities wander in from the Four Seasons resort next door.  Assuredly, this bar has plenty of character, style, and romance.

8. Sandy Toes, Rose Island, Bahamas

This lonely beach bar is a MUST anytime you are in or around Nassau.  Whether you want to relax in a hammock overlooking the beach, dig your toes into the sand or just hang out in a private cabana, Sandy Toes has the cure.

Sandy Toes Beach BarPhoto: Courtesy of RumShopRyan

And of course, the Sandy Toes signature rum cocktail which is handed out upon arrival must be tasted and appreciated at least once, or twice. Or….don’t give up now, just do it!  It’s a day trip you won’t want to miss.

Sandy Toes Beach Bar

Next beach bar is located on a “Happy Island”. One of all time favorites. See why.



9. Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill, Aruba

Also known as the “Happy Island,” Aruba will give you the down south hospitality and treatment you’ve been looking for.

Bungaloe Beach BarPhoto: Courtesy of bungaloe.com

Located on a pier overlooking the gem sparkles of the Caribbean ocean, you can kick back, eat some fresh seafood, and enjoy a sunset, then hang out for the live music which happens 6 nights a week.  Work off the extra calories over the volleyball net and quench that thirst with some frozen drinks.

10. Bonaire’s Paradise Moon Bar, Bonaire Island

If you enjoy snorkel or scuba then you are going to love this bar, as it is literally surrounded by some of the best underwater experiences in the world.

Bonaire’s Paradise Moon BarPhoto: Courtesy of RumShopRyan

Owned by a Texas couple who also happen to be top notch trained chefs, the rum cocktails aren’t the only thing you will savor during your visit. Be sure to try the lionfish ceviche.

Bonaire’s Paradise Moon BarPhoto: Courtesy of RumShopRyan

And if you happen to be there during a full moon, you better get a reservation because the party starts at sundown.

11. Cow Wreck Beach Bar, Anegada – British Virgin Islands

Imagine a brilliant, but not burnt white beach.  Water that shines like a blue-green sapphire. And that cool sweating drink in your hand.  That’s all you really need to feel instantly transported to Cow Wreck Bar in BVI.

Cow Wreck Beach BarPhoto: Courtesy of CowWreckBeachBar

Problem is that even your best imagination won’t cut it until you are there digging your feet into the sand, and quenching your thirst with their signature drink “cow killer.”

Cow Wreck Beach BarPhoto: Courtesy of CowWreckBeachBar

Which is what a good beach bar should anyway, right? :) Be sure to stick around for lunch, especially if you like a good lobster!

12. Elvis’s Beach Bar, Sandy Ground – Anguilla

If you feel gratified by a view of sailboats and sunsets, then Elvis might just be the King of your Caribbean lifestyle or vacation.  With plenty of sandy beach and cool drinks you will enjoy a very relaxed vibe.  The bar itself is crafted from the hull of an old boat, and plenty of stories about it abound.

Elvis Beach Bar

Just pull up a seat and wait for the sailors to arrive. Probably not as rough as the pirates who once favored Anguilla, now you can walk in their footsteps.  Be sure to drop in during the boat races for plenty of action and thrills!  Featuring cool brews, cocktails, and Mexican food, it’s a great spot to catch breathtaking sunsets.

After all we’ve seen, the perfect beach bar formula surely reads like this: cold beer + potent rum punch + killer sea views = Beach Bar Bliss. For even a better taste, don’t forget to add your friends. Cheers!