The Punta Cana Music and the Arts Foundation and the Punta Cana Music and Arts Academy presented “Tribute to Mothers Concert” this past Friday May 25th at 6:00 at Punta Palmera in Cap Cana, with free admission.


“The program involved almost all of our students and guests, it is a “rainbow” of talents that we have discovered in the area and that they carry out their studies in the academy. “We will have soloists, (piano, violin, cello, singers) in addition to the Camerata Infanto Juvenil del Este RD. The Academy Choir, and the debut of our Ballet students, also the participation of Cristina Casado Llobregat (soprano), a former student of piano and singing from the academy that currently conducts studies in the United States and performed “Sebben crudele” from A. Caldara and “Le Violette” by A. Scarlatti “, explained Dante Cucurullo, director of the Camerata Infanto Juvenil and of the Punta Cana Music and Arts Academy.



For her part, the music educator María Irene Blanco expressed that “It is of great pride to present to the public of the area a great violinist of ours, Ramsés Cid who was my concertmaster for a long time when he was director of the Juan Pablo Duarte Symphony Orchestra, who performed “Salut D ‘Amour’ by E. Elgar, and accompanied by his brother Carlos Cid with whom he performed a duet. The repertoire includes Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Elimenreich, Scarlatti, among others.

“It’s been 4 years since we started and this concert is just an example of the progress we’ve made in the area, a 30-member orchestra, a 40-member choir and our soloists, who are gradually influencing their surroundings. We have introduced the ballet of the academy, and to start the next school year we will include the Plastic Arts because our plans is to turn it into a school for all the Fine Arts, little by little and with firm steps “, commented Cucurullo.

Professor María Irene Blanco thanked for the collaboration they have received from the companies of Punta Cana. “We want to thank the entire community for their support, the Hazoury family for their sensitivity, especially to Don Ricardo for his incalculable contribution so that this academy is now a reality, to INICA that is present not only with its technical support but in the scholarships that it supports for children of limited resources, the Cap Cana Homeowners Association (APROCAP) that from the beginning has said present, our association of parents and friends that have always been willing to collaborate in everything that can be of help to the realization of dreams that sometimes seem unattainable but that they are capable of making them a reality “, commented María Irene.


The team of teachers that make up the academy is as follows: Francisco Mojíca (flute) José Miguel Taveras (violin and viola) Natalie Mora (cello) Omar Peña (guitar and musical reading) Jorge Suriel (drums) Marianela Sánchez (singing) Arabella Mariñez (ballet) Tatiana Silveiro (piano) María Irene Blanco (piano and Assistant Academic Director) and Dante Cucurullo (piano, conductor of the orchestra and Academy director).