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Coming home with a gorgeous tan is one of the important objectives of Spring Break in the Caribbean! There is nothing bad about tanning but you should consider these tips before spreading your towel in the sand.
  • A way to fight of the ultraviolet rays is to slowly extend the time you spend in the sun.
  • SPF 20 is sufficient for most types of skin, if you put enough of it.  Australian scientists have proved that it´s only the thickness of the layer of sunblock that keeps ultraviolet rays from intruding.
  • Sunscreen from the drugstore protects the skin as well or even better than so-called high performance products, so save money on sunscreen, but don´t save on the amount of sunscreen you apply.
  • Did you know by the way that basically no sun protection product fulfills the funtion or protecting 100% UV protection”? Authorities are currently aiming to prohibit the term as it deceives consumers.
  • Clouds don´t protect you from the sun. A thin layer of clouds doesn´t keep the UV rays off. On the contrary, certain cloud formations can even increase the force of UV rays.
  • Wear a UV protection shirt while diving and snorkelling. Half a meter below the water surface, the strength of the UV rays is still at 40 percent.
  • Your eyes also require protection. After a long day in the sun, your eyes may be affected by a light conjunctivitis. The best quality characteristic of sunglasses is the CE mark which is mostly found on the inside of the frame and which proves that the glasses fulfill a certain protection standard.