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Summer may be a time to relax, but tell that to kids who are bouncing off the walls or shrieking “I’m bored” every five minutes. Many parents today spent their childhood riding their bikes and playing games like baseball or dodgeball on side streets and in neighbors’ backyards. Many children today spend much of their time indoors, playing games on their tablets or watching television.  Lots of unstructured outdoor play is critical to the health of children, though many have experienced a marked decline in the time they spend in free play.

Kelowha is unique because of the magic feeling we all share, the friendships that form, and the incredible memories that remain. In this special place you can be yourself, free to run, laugh, play, and discover.

Where else can you participate in the Traditional Color Run and Spartan Race, do zip lining, enjoy the wonders of the Cap Cana beaches, hike the Scape terrains, compete in your favorite sports, explore experiments and your creative flow, fish at sundown, complete impossible missions, pretend play to be a pirate, a cowboy, and monster, eat smores and sing songs by the bonfire, and make the best memories of a lifetime?

The positive effects of camp on youth development can be amazing. Our program is designed to be a BLAST for our campers, but we also focus on developing skills and values in our campers. We create a loving community in which every camper can excel and grow through a list of fantastic activities and with the guidance of excellent teachers and counselors. Our campers develop more confidence achieving goals, more resilience and openness to try new things, taking initiative, and solving problems.

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