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Visit us like a local

It’s great when we receive visitors, especially because in our fabulous city, we have many activities and places to visit. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to experience Cap Cana like a local?

Here are 10 things to do so you can enjoy our destination city like a local:

  1. Watch the sunset from Marina Cap Cana.
  2. Have ice cream at Valentino ice cream shop at Api Beach.
  3. Explore the city by bike along the 7km carpath route.
  4. Buy fresh vegetables at ‘’El Mercadito’’ in the Sustainability District.
  5. Visit Green Village Plaza for all basic services.
  6. Go to Lago Azul during the week; the lake is less crowded during the week and can be more easily enjoyed.
  7. Sushi night on Wednesdays at Sanctuary Town.
  8. Beach walks at Juanillo Beach enjoying your first cup of coffee of the day at Juanillo Grill.
  9. Padel fever at different courts: La Marina and Racket Village.
  10. Watch the sunset from Los Establos and its restaurants.