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Vitality Medical Clinic; A Canadian wellness experience in Cap Cana

Vitality Medical Clinic is excited to announce its “Executive Health Assessment Program” (EHA) for residents and visitors of Cap Cana. Vitality is backed by “The Wellness Corp” from Canada that owns 5 specialty medical clinics in Toronto and has over 100 doctors and specialists working for them that are now available for local consultations.

In the EHA program, Vitality will be offering its patients, among other things, a full physical exam including comprehensive blood and genetic testing, cardiac health assessment, body composition analysis, and much more. This program will expand medical services that are now available to residents and visitors of Cap Cana. Vitality accepts all insurance plans (both local and international) and has several medical doctors and specialists working under one roof.

We interviewed, CEO of Vitality, Amar Nijjar, and asked him a few questions:

Q. How is Vitality different than a typical clinic in the Dominican Republic?

A. Our focus is on disease prevention. Of course, if a patient comes in with a disease, we have all of the doctors and specialists available to service the immediate needs but our foc

us is on long-term health of our patients. We firmly believe in an “Integrative Approach” to medicine. We have successfully implemented similar philosophy in our Canadian clinics for the last 10 years and delivered superior health care to our patients. 20,000+ patients have been treated at our Canadian clinics with great success and we hope to offer the same level of “Canadian Healthcare” standard to locals. The level of care we offer can be described in one sentence – “We are the Four Seasons of Medical Clinics”.

Q. How much is the cost to visit the clinic?

A. We bill insurance companies directly. There is no cost to our patients. We are accepting currently – Universal, Bupa, Sinasa, Mapre, ALS Palic, World Wide, BMI, Yunen, Colonial, Reservas among many others.

Q. Tell us about your clinic?

A. We have beautiful reception and lobby area where patients can wait in a relaxed environment before they see their healthcare provider. We have 6 medical rooms including one large area for Dermatology and Aesthetics. Soon we will be also offering our executive health care lounge to our patients.

Q. What are your services?

A. We offer medical doctors, OBGYN, Minor Procedures, Pediatrician, Nutritionist, Psychiatry, IV Therapy, medical-grade supplements, Massage, cosmetics, urologist, cardiologist, Gastro among other services. We also offer Yoga, Meditation related services. We believe in a combined approach to care for mind, body, and soul.

Q. Can the patients show up anytime?

A. Yes. We also have relationships with bigger hospitals in the area to redirect as needed. Ideally, a patient book in advance but if they need urgent care, we can address and assist in that process as well. We also offer house calls.

Q. What are your future goals?

A. Our long-term goal is to bring our Canadian patients to CapCana for “Medical Tourism and Retreats”. Once Covid uncertainty fades away, we will be able to get that going but for now, as Phase 1 our goal is to focus on local health care