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Refreshing water at the spa is always mandatory. Many different kinds we have to prepare for our guests. Twice a day we made the best ones and have a really good quality of the water all day. All our recipes are loved by our clients, who always have the choice to select their favorite one. Watermelon Water is their favorite, it’s refreshing and it has so many benefits for our health, Watermelon is always a good option to keep our body hydrated.

Make this recipe in the morning and enjoy it all day with your family.

What do we need?

1- Watermelon

2- Water

Add 1/8 of the Water Melon in a blender, leave two pieces in aside, make sure to remove all the seeds, add a cup of water. Blend both ingredients until smooth, strain the mix, and put the water on the jar, and add the pieces inside the Jar. The color of your water will be so amazing and the taste is delicious. Adding mint leaves is a must.

Watermelon Benefits



*Vitamin C

*Muscles pain reliever

The watermelon water is not your regular water to drink, you add a lot of good benefits to our body with fruit nutrients. Also, watermelon is known to control a healthy metabolic system, due to the presence of amino acids, for this summer is highly recommended for people with elevated blood pressure.