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Api Beach and how it got started is a tale worth telling. The success story behind one of Cap Cana’s most iconic establishments dates back to when its founder Mr. Alejandro Fondeur, who is also known as Api, started out serving water and sodas. Hamburgers and hot dogs were soon added to the menu. There was a spirit of camaraderie that was idea! for bringing people together and forming friendships.

True to the concept

When his son-in-law, current owner Matthew Doerr returned from Australia after completing his Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning (at the University of Sydney), the idea was to create a space where the growing Cap Cana community could enjoy meeting up and spending time together. “We were lucky that Ricardo Hazoury also shared our belief that successful communities are made up of intangible factors  that go beyond infrastructure,” says Matthew.

As Cap Cana expanded so did Api Beach. It even had a Peruvian chef and they soon started getting great reviews for the exceptional food, but Matthew did not want this commercial success to eclipse the relaxed and casual concept that Api had established right from the start. Now it’s still the same place where you can sit just a small distance from the shore with family or friends and enjoy memorable dishes like red snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna tartar, ceviche or hamburgers or classic cocktails like mojito, piña colada or Bloody Caesar while you watch the yachts docking in the Marina or gaze dreamily at the turquoise-colored waters.

Tom Cruise-style

In just a few words, Matthew always imagined Api Beach as a beach bar in the style of Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Cocktail. “Turns out I’m more like Bryan Brown, just older, with grayer hair

and an unusual accent. l still got the girl of my dreams though. But I digress; this place is not pretentious. If it ever becomes that way, my friends will let me know. It’s not a shack though. Find something in the middle and that’s our concept: beautiful beach house meets upscale beach ‘shack’. ”

Weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations take on a new dimension in Api Beach. as the place consists of several spaces for celebrating events: the beach, the marina, and the pool area. The venue is open from II a.m. m 8:00 p.m. from Mondays to Thursdays and from 11 a.m. until late on Fridays to Sundays. The plan for the near future is to extend the weekday opening hours until late at night.