Cap Cana at its best

Source: Suelo Caribeño

This year, within the framework of the celebration of the International Tourism Fair (Fitur-2022), Cap Cana demonstrated the maturity of a company that has achieved good positioning, business commitment, and the aggressiveness that is needed to continue growing and promoting development. of that destination city that today is a fundamental piece of Dominican tourism and that the Government must take care of and accompany in its expansion projects.

At the trade fair, the president of the company’s board of directors, Fernando Hazoury, and its executive president, Jorge Subero Medina, together with the main executives, achieved a greater presence, made more efforts to attract new investments, and led a meeting with President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, during which they began the celebration of its 20th anniversary and showed with numbers the strength of Cap Cana and the importance of the company for tourism and the Dominican economy.

In that meeting, held within the framework of Fitur, Mr. Fernando Hazoury made it clear that Cap Cana is the only destination that was born with a master plan of 110 million square meters, which is a mature development, financially consolidated and strengthens its solidity. ; but, in addition, it has invested US$3,000 million, with 7,400 rooms built, including hotels and residences, it has 1,200 rooms under construction and generates 16,000 direct and indirect jobs. To everyone’s amazement, it is such a large project that only about 20% has been developed. Imagine the economic and social impact of Cap Cana with 95% development.

They have proclaimed that the large international hotel chains have settled in Cap Cana, that others are in the process of being installed and more and more people are arriving interested in having a residence in the destination city; that the effort of 20 years has turned them into a benchmark of high-quality hospitality and they are consolidated as a luxury tourist destination. As we have been able to verify and what the statistics presented tell us, Cap Cana is really a luxury and an opportunity for investment growth, for economic stability, and the consolidation of Dominican tourism.

As a witness to the event, held at the Ifema-Madrid convention center, it is very important to note that President Luis Abinader and Minister David Collado publicly acknowledged the importance of this company, its contributions to tourism, and promised to support its executives in the company development projects. For the president, this is the moment for the consolidation of Cap Cana, and Collado considers that the company elevates the country and presents it at each international event with pride and satisfaction.

The praise of President Abinader and Minister Collado for this tourism project, as well as the support that they have promised and the aggressiveness that their executives showed in the last fair in attracting new investments, augur a better future for this company and the development of tourism in the eastern Dominican Republic.

We congratulate the Hazoury family for their vision, the executives of Cap Cana on their 20th anniversary, my recognition for its president and its executive president, for Mrs. Noribel Medina, Commercial Director; for Ángel González, director of Escape Park; for Ibelca Mencía, Director of Communications; for all the support staff, for the dedication and commitment they show to that company of which they feel proud. May they continue to be successful, because companies like Cap Cana contribute to economic and social growth, to the generation of jobs and wealth. Hopefully, there are many Cap Canas in the country. !! Congratulations!!