Jorge Subero

Cap Cana will end the year with 8,500 real estate and hotel rooms

Source: Recorriendo con Salvador

The executive president of Cap Cana (CEO) Jorge Subero Medina announced that by the end of 2022 the destination would have 8,500 rooms operating throughout the entire complex, both real estate and hotel.

He affirmed that of the 8,500 rooms, 3,500 will be from hotel projects, and the rest, from real estate construction, and also, clarified that all projects are 100 percent sold and most are already financed.

He added that the total investment is US$3.6 billion, specifying that these investments are through the 20 years of Cap Cana the destination development, we are talking about US$180 million dollars invested each year.

He indicated that in 2022 and the beginning of 2023 there have been some drawbacks of delays in the arrival of construction materials, due to different situations that natural phenomena have produced, but they have already been regularized and the constructions have taken the corresponding order.

Subero Medina explained that at the end of 2022, many people will have decided to live in the real estate complex “not only have it as a second or third home”.

He pointed out that large real estate projects will conclude next year and currently some 1,500 rooms are under construction throughout Cap Cana.