Source: Weekly Post NC

Caribbean Islands are at the top of the list of most popular destinations. They range from Jamaica down to Aruba. Jamaica has the experiences of Reggae. It is the home of Bob Marley and of course everything is always “Arie” (forgive me if I don’t pronounce or spell this the proper way. I just enjoy the heck out of it and don’t try to be proper). As far as I know, it is home to the only dry land Bobsled in the world, homage to the famous Jamaican Bobsled Team at the world Winter Olympics. Beaches, river rafting, climbing a waterfall, riding horseback, a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee, or Jamaican rum or two and everything is “Arie”.

Turks and Caicos are small islands almost liked together into one island. Most famous for Sandals Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort advertised on the tv show “Wheel of Fortune”. A few Cruise ships stop here and visitors can admire a monument in tribute to the spot where a US Space Shuttle landed.

The Virgin Islands are divided into the US Virgin Islands and the European islands. St John is home to the world renowned national seashore Park, where you can snorkel for hours in calm waters, following a pre-set path with underwater signs, or just exploring on your own. Ships dock in St. Thomas, so it takes a taxi ride, ferry boat, taxi ride to get there. You can also sign up for a tour that will take you there in a group. Most of the other Virgin Islands do not have cruise ship docks.

The island of Hispanola is divided by a mountain range into the country of Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. One cruise line stops in Haiti, at a private secure section, complete with a waterfront, stores, a beach, a large pool, zip line and watercraft. Cruisers are not allowed to wander outside the complex on their own, but may sign up for guided tours of some famous landmarks in Haiti. As an interesting fact, this cruise line has been bring thousands of tons of bottled water to this port for the Haitian people for years now. The Dominican Republic is visited by just a few cruise ships at both a private island off the coast, and to a port near Cap Cana. Famous for it’s beaches and all inclusive resorts, Dominican Republic is a world renowned destination for millions of tourists every year.