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Eden Roc Cap Cana: home of the Global Wellness Day for the DR

Eden Roc Cap Cana is the house of well-being in the Dominican tourist world and from there it radiates to the rest of Cap Cana. This principle has to do with the gastronomic part, as well as with the accommodation, or the splendid spa that it has.

Health, image, and lifestyle, both physically and spiritually, matter in society. Living well is the shared dream of almost everyone.

For this reason, there is a special day in the annual calendar: it is called World Wellness Day.

With the motto “One day can change your whole life”, World Wellness Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of June each year.

World Wellness Day is a totally non-profit day, a social project dedicated to raising awareness of the need to prevent with a good attitude regarding food, exercise, and health.

According to information, this year all of Cap Cana, with Eden Roc, Punta Espada, and Los Establos in its continuous growth as a Wellness destination, are proud hosts of this launch of World Wellness Day 2022 in the Dominican Republic as a commitment to promote well-being and healthy lifestyle.

Reports emanating from the Global Wellness Institute, the now global wellness industry is valued at some US$4.2 billion.

According to indications in 2018, immersive and holistic spa experiences continued to gain appeal with travelers looking for more than the standard massage or quick facial. As this trend continues, a growing number of hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and destinations are specializing in wellness travel and finding new ways to evolve their offerings.

The event

The organizers are calling to be part of this great event on the weekend at the Cap Cana Wellness Weekend from June 10 to 12. With the Global Wellness Day celebration on Saturday, June 11.

Eden Roc and Cap Cana invite you to enjoy this day with endless activities from fitness and spiritual activities, as well as two rooms with talks on nutrition, personal motivation, and economy. Soccer tournament, cycling, 5k, and 10k races, in short, more than 100 activities, an organic market, and several healthy food options.

The event is free for all participants and this year it is expected to receive more than 2,000 people willing to change their lives, says the call.