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Last year we celebrated the first official Global Wellness Day event in the Dominican Republic at Cap Cana. This social project that takes place in more than 110 countries simultaneously will again have it’s official celebration in the Dominican Republic in Cap Cana, on Saturday, June 13 with various activities throughout the day.

Due to the social changes that we all have had to adjust to, the celebration of Global Wellness Day will be completely digital and held through Zoom, Instagram live at PowerFit’s account and Youtube live through Cap Cana’s channel. Don’t miss it, one day can change your whole life!

Global Wellness Day is a non-profit organization with the motto “one day can change your whole life” that celebrates this global health and well-being event with the purpose of raising awareness on how to live well and increase motivation on a daily basis, being stress free in everyday life and ending bad habits, recognizing the value of our lives.


The agenda for the day is:


8:00 am Meditation by Yira Carrasco from Ananda Yoga

9:00 am How to Treat and Grow Orchids by Máximo Peña from Fundación Cap Cana

10:00 am Equilibrium in Tough Times by Carolina de la Cruz from Power Fit Studio

11:00 am Protocols for Skin Protection From Face Mask Use by Fernanda Pacheco from Natura Bissé

3:00 pm Super Food Almond Snak by Antonieta Elizalde from Antoshapeology

4:00 pm Tips for Achieving a Healthy Financial State by Darys Estrella


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8:00 am Train for Life by Luis Aray from Punta Cana Fitness

9:00 am Emotional Management by Gaby Ochoa From Práxis Psicología Integral

11:00 am The Road to Financial Wellness in Times of Crisis by Carmen Bandres from Action Coach

12:00 pm Healthy Body, Happy Mind by Tata & Marce from Fun 2 Fit

1:00 pm  Mindfulness for Family Wellbeing by Jessica Fuller

2:00 pm Mental health, depression and nutrition by Jahy Pimentel

3:00 pm Wellness Garden by Chadic Marckendson from Casa Huertos Dominicana

4:00 pm Compost at Home by Blanca Mariñez from Fundación Cap Cana



4:30 pm to 5:00 pm Strong by Zumba Workout with Power Fit

5:00 pm to 6:30 pm Zumba with Dafnee de Frías

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm Cap Cana Sunset Concerts with a live band by TONKA Entertainment