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Tourist or Traveller? These 11 somewhat comic illustrations explain it all. Ready to have some fun?

Here’s how it works. Between 2 pictures on each slide choose one that resonates with you the most. Give yourself 1 point for each “tourist” pic and 1 point for each “traveller” pic. Now guess what? The one with the most point wins, pretty simple, ha?

Let’s do it :)

1. Are you a fan of crowded places?



2. Comfort vs Necessity? (not trying to influence you, but tents can be pretty comfy too :) )



3. If walking (and climbing) is not your thing I can understand, but you gotta choose one.



4. Do you enjoy getting “out of the way” and making it an adventure?



5. Do you pack up half of your house?


6. Oh, this is a tough one, lol. Thoughts?



7. Famous attractions vs unique (and sometime crazy) experiences?



8. Hey, no selfies allowed for travellers. Just kidding :). Chose one you do most often.


9. Travel books vs travel blogs?


10. Do you always have everything planned out in advance?


11. Time for confession here  – I do both :)


Now it’s time to make that final count.

I can’t wait to read your results! Let me know if the comments below what you got: traveller or tourist? And maybe if you are one but wish to be the other.

It’s more fun doing this with friends, so tag ’em and share :)

Talk soon.

Illustrations by Holidify.com