Getting ready for a big night out? Start with a game of pool or darts at Beers of the World! Located at the iconic Sanctuary Town main plaza, Beers of the World offers a great selection of imported, domestic and craft-brewed beers and spirits in addition to access to all menus of the bistros within Sanctuary Town.

Every beer-lover the world over certainly has his or her own definition and dream list of favorites, which likely evolves over time. Narrowing down the best beers in the world is quite a task, but what better way to do it in the beer atmosphere of an Irish pub. Located right across from the Sanctuary Cap Cana Hotel, Beers of the World, is a traditional Irish Pub with the finest selection of more than 40 beers from around the world.

This Irish pub has it all – from the draught Guinness you’d normally expect to all the traditional knick-knacks and old Irish memorabilia as a pool table and darts game board that have somehow made it all the way to Cap Cana from the Emerald Isle. There are several plasmas for football matches, but it hasn’t yet become a favorite haunt of the expat crowd – not necessarily a bad thing. Beers of the World also retains a lot of the charm of normal Polish pubs, offering local beers like the world renowned Presidente, a must do drink while visiting the Dominican Republic.  Open from 6:00pm, dare to find your spot at the bar and have a wholesome time.