A Sunday afternoon walk around Cap Cana!

Source: Listín Diario

Like any son of a neighbor who on a weekend wants to walk or visit Cap Cana, a complex where the sea and buildings of very different architectural styles trap tourists and foreigners and natives who have a residence here, I go with Alexis to his booth entry to find out the requirements to visit it.

We have both been before but invited by someone. The caretaker refers us to the Visitor Information Center. ‘There they will explain to you.” We make a U-turn to head to the place. Alexis dismounts. I stay in the car. After a while, he returns to get my ID. After some time he returns with the pass. “There were people before me, I had to wait.” And he explains the process to me: permission is required from someone who lives or has a business here.

Those who do not know any person can request authorization through a commercial establishment where they go. In some restaurant cases, a credit card advances 30 dollars per person for consumption. Others authorize it without requiring any payment. Before receiving the permit, a copy of each certificate is sent.

Behind the booth, there are two highways. We headed for the one that continues towards the Marina Norte. We parked in their visitor parking lot. On foot, we cross the space between buildings that leads to the area by the sea: the Plaza Marina, around which various businesses make up a harmonious urban landscape in the Boulevard Fishing Lodge.

Among the shops, the Aura restaurant stands out, serving Mediterranean cuisine. We intend to visit it at the end of our tour. Wandering down a nearby street, we come across what looks like a temple. ‘Look, a church,’ Alexis warns, but immediately reacts. It’s a restaurant!

Remembering that this enormous tourist and residential complex has an artificial waterfall and stables, we returned to the car to find out, with an attentive employee at the entrance booth, which routes to follow. It’s the highway on the right. Along the way, we see the sign for Marina Sur on the left. We turned towards her. At the top, the white clouds have turned leaden while we see several yachts anchored on one side and the other and we walk along canals that, although narrow, make us think of Venice.