Los Establos Cap Cana

Cap Cana Held an International Model Aircraft Exhibition

The destination held an exhibition of remote-controlled aircraft jets last Saturday, April 15, on the grounds of Cap Cana Sport City, as one of the ways to promote sports and aeronautical education in Dominican youth.

The activity was organized by the pilot Anthony Pérez. The flights took place on the grounds of the Polo field in Los Establos at Cap Cana. Dominicans and foreign pilots participated, demonstrating the skill of building and flying their planes.

The event was attended by pilots who are part of Dominican model aircraft clubs such as the Dominican Association of Radio Control Aircraft (ADARC) also international competitors were invited, who came to the country for the first time for this event and to learn about tourism and the developments inside Cap Cana.

The flights took place in controlled airspace over the field with a maximum altitude of 400 feet, to the close delight of visitors.

Pérez reported that model airplanes have been practiced in the Dominican Republic since the time of the Polo field of the Embajador hotel in the 1970s, and it is a sport that combines the construction technique with the final flight of small airplanes prepared to fly without crew. , both with combustion engines, jets, and now electric.